When you work with us you don't get a single Realtor®, you get the entire team!
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“Business is a team sport.” Robert Kiyosaki

The Atacan Group is a team of educated and experienced Realtors ® who have the unrelenting desire to deliver superior services with insight, innovation, and integrity. The Atacan Group boasts an esteemed group of educated professionals who understand the mindset of today’s clients. In keeping with its stellar reputation as a cutting-edge organization, The Atacan Group offers the most comprehensive and continuously-evolving website in Philadelphia. Whether we are acting in the capacity of a listing or a buyer's agent, our clients are guaranteed the same commitment to quality and excellence that is synonymous with our name.


We are not just selling homes, we are selling a lifestyle. The Atacan Group accomplishes this by educating and empowering their clients from the first appointment to taking care of all their needs to get them to closing table. We understand the mindset of today’s clients and we deliver beyond expectations.

The Atacan Group possesses the qualities of integrity and discretion valued by their clientele. Sophisticated, savvy and extensively trained in the Philadelphia market, our Realtors ® have intimate knowledge of real estate, finance and construction.


We have sold over 2,000 properties and over $750M worth of real estate since our journey has begun. We realize every transaction has its own unique requirements and pitfalls. We have accumulated vast knowledge of local and regional real estate market along with our sense of a business acumen in the process. By understanding current market conditions and anticipating trends, we successfully achieve your requirements. It our objective to determine what you want and get it for you.


Our professionals offer experience, in-depth knowledge of real estate and superior customer service. Our dedication to service is exemplified by our client relationship. All of our services include a 100% client satisfaction guarantee.

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